Pregnancy & Delivery

At DaVincii Obstetrics & Gynecology, we take pride in offering preconception planning and prenatal care to make sure you are as healthy as possibly before becoming pregnant. Our high standard of care will continue for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and delivery. Our female obstetricians and nurse practitioners have the expertise and experience that high-risk pregnancy and multiple births require.

As women, professionals, and as mothers ourselves, the caring female doctors and nurse practitioners at DaVincii Obstetrics & Gynecology are here to discuss all your concerns and provide you with prompt, compassionate care.

Obstetrical Services


Our Main Services

      • Prenatal office visits
      • Laboratory testing
      • Genetic Screening and Counseling
      • Prenatal classes
      • OB Ultrasound
      • Fetal Monitoring
      • Non-Stress Testing

Pregnancy & Delivery

3D & 4D Ultrasound

A pregnancy ultrasound is used to create images of a developing baby and the pelvic organs of the mother during pregnancy. Ultrasound lets your doctor see how your pregnancy is advancing and allows for you to be able to see the development of your growing baby. At DaVincii Obstetrics & Gynecology we offer traditional ultrasound as well as the option of 3D and 4D dimensional images that can include movement.

For 3D ultrasounds, multiple two-dimensional images are taken at various angles and then pieced together to form a three-dimensional rendering. For instance, instead of just seeing a profile view of your baby’s face, in a 3D sonogram you can see the whole surface (looks more like a regular photo).

A 4D ultrasound is similar to a 3D ultrasound, but the image will show movement. That means like a video, in a 4D sonogram you see your baby doing things in real time (like opening and closing his eyes and sucking his thumb).

Reasons for Ultrasounds

Women with low-risk, complication-free pregnancies will typically have three ultrasounds, while moms over a certain age and those with complications will usually have more. There are many reasons ultrasounds in general are necessary during pregnancy, depending on the trimester, including:

  • Confirming your estimated due date
  • Looking at your baby’s heartbeat
  • Making sure the pregnancy is not ectopic (i.e. in the Fallopian tubes) and is in the uterus
  • Confirming the number of babies in utero
  • Making sure baby is developing properly and at the appropriate pace
  • Checking and measuring baby’s major organs
  • Measuring the size of your baby
  • Checking amniotic fluid levels
  • Ruling out any birth defects
  • Determining baby’s sex
  • Giving parents a look at their baby and providing reassurance that all is going as it should be in the pregnancy
Prenatal Care

At DaVincii Obstetrics & Gynecology, we know that a healthy pregnancy starts with good prenatal care both before and during pregnancy. Prenatal care can help us to detect and treat problems early on, help prevent complications along the way, and allow us to refer you to appropriate specialists if necessary. 

You can take comfort in knowing that we offer all state of the art preventive testing. If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, suspect that you may be pregnant, or are pregnant, please schedule a visit for prenatal care by calling us at (248) 543-2223 to request an appointment.

Pregnancy Care, Labor & Delivery

The female obstetricians and nurse practitioners at DaVincii Obstetrics & Gynecology have the compassion and expertise to help make your pregnancy and delivery as easy as possible. Receiving regular check-ups to monitor your health, as well as the health of your developing baby is imperative to a healthy pregnancy. We will provide you with the education and healthy pregnancy tips you need along the way to ensure the best experience. We welcome all your questions and will take the time to discuss them with you thoroughly. 

Both Dr. Jacqueline Taylor & Dr. So Young Bae will deliver your baby at the Royal Oak Beaumont Birth Center. For those who qualify and are looking to have an all-natural birth, they will deliver your baby in The Royal Oak Beaumont Karmanos Natural Birth Center. Whether you have a natural birth or a high-risk delivery, you will find the most advanced obstetrical care and staff at Beaumont Royal Oak and with our doctors.

High-Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is a pregnancy that, without extra care, poses a greater risk to the mother or her fetus than a “standard” pregnancy. It is possible for an entire pregnancy to be high-risk or for a pregnancy to become high-risk partway through the second or third trimester.

High-risk pregnancies generally refer to:

  • Pregnancies resulting in multiple births (i.e. twins, triplets, etc.)
  • Pregnancies with an increased risk of preterm labor
  • Pregnancies in women with diabetes, hypertensive disorders, blood clotting disorders, or autoimmune disorders

High-risk pregnancies carry more risks to the mother and developing baby. A pregnancy may be deemed high-risk if you have a pre-existing medical condition or develop one during pregnancy. Careful monitoring and management by one of our experienced obstetricians, women with high-risk pregnancies are not only healthy themselves, but deliver healthy babies, and at DaVincii Obstetrics & Gynecology, we are committed to doing just that.

Depending on the nature of a high-risk pregnancy, care plans are prescribed and followed to address a woman’s health, conditions, and circumstances. A high-risk pregnancy will typically require more frequent prenatal visits and closer monitoring by our highly skilled and experienced practitioners at DaVincii Obstetrics & Gynecology.


If you are struggling to conceive or feel you need assistance with conception, at DaVincii Obstetrics & Gynecology we are equipped and experienced to help you during this time. We provide hormone testing, ovulation induction, as well as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI).

We also have extensive experience in assisting same-sex couples and couples requiring donor sperm on their journey to parenthood. We work closely with the local reproductive endocrinology clinics if you need advanced reproductive assistance.

What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

Please read the below checklist to ensure that our healthcare team at DaVincii can provide you with an exceptional level of care and attention.


Arrive Early

If you have not pre-completed our patient packet, then please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment.


Bring Identification

Please make sure you bring your personal identification and your health insurance card.


Bring Medical Records

If you are being seen for a specific condition please make sure to send all medical information prior to your appointment including other physician records, hospital records or imaging.


Bring Lab Records

If you are being seen for a specific condition, please bring copies of any recent laboratory work.

Delivered all 3 of my kids with Dr. Taylor and had a good experience. Loved seeing nurse Jillian at the office all the time as well. Very helpful staff.

Ciara Detzler


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