Minimally Invasive Surgical Procedures

Davincii Obstetrics & Gynecology offers minimally invasive gynecological surgeries using the Da Vinci robotic-assisted system. Our team is one of the few who offer this state of the art technology to give our patients the highest level of care when it comes to surgery.

DaVincii Minimally Invasive Surgery


Surgical Procedures

      • Hysterectomy
      • Labiaplasty
      • laparoscopic Surgery
      • Laparotomy
      • Pelvic Support Surgery
      • Urethra & Bladder

In Office Procedures

      • Colposcopy
      • Endometrial ablation
      • Sonohistogram
      • LEEP
      • Incontinence Treatments

    DaVincii Surgery FAQ

    Computer Assisted Robotic Technology for Gynecological Conditions

    Dr. Jacqueline Taylor, a board certified surgeon who understands the stress associated with the idea of surgery. This is why she is one of Michigan’s most sought after surgeons when looking for the state-of-the-art, computer-assisted robotic technology, for gynecology procedures. With the Da Vinci robotic procedure, she will make surgical treatments as minimally invasive and painless as possible. Dr. Taylor is also a dedicated certified clinical trainer and educator of the Davinci Robotic Procedure. Her unparalleled skills will ensure you recover and return to your daily life as quick as possible.

    The Da Vinci Surgical System consists of four robotic arms, one of which contains a magnified 3D camera designed to guide the gynecologic surgeon during the procedure. Controlled from a console, these instruments and camera enable Dr. Taylor to see inside the patient on a high-definition monitor while operating. The Da Vinci system provides Dr. Taylor with a more detailed view of the operating site as well as maximum range of motion and precision.

    A significant advantage of robotic surgery is that it provides unmatched control of a complicated procedure in a minimally invasive environment. Dr. Taylor’s eyes and hands are perfectly aligned with her view of the surgical site. It also provides welcomed benefits for you, the patient, including:

    • Less trauma to your body
    • Little, if any, scarring
    • A much shorter recovery period

    In today’s age of advanced technology, invasive surgery requiring large incisions is no longer necessary for the majority of gynecological conditions. During your visit, ask Dr. Jacqueline Taylor if a minimally invasive option, using miniaturized robotic surgical instruments that fit through much smaller incisions, is the right choice for you.

    Some of the gynecology procedures Dr. Taylor can perform with Da Vinci computer-assisted robotic technology include fibroid removal, pelvic prolapse surgery, hysterectomy, and endometriosis resection, which spares the uterus and allows women to continue childbearing.

    The Da Vinci Robotic procedure is performed by Dr. Jacqueline Taylor at the following hospitals: Beaumont Royal Oak and Providence Southfield.

    Why surgery with Da Vinci and board-certified Dr. Jacqueline Taylor?

    A review of published studies suggests that potential benefits of a benign hysterectomy with Da Vinci technology include:

    • Patients experience fewer complications compared to patients who had open and laparoscopic surgery
    • Patients typically stay in the hospital for a shorter amount of time than patients who had open, laparoscopic and vaginal surgery
    • Surgeons may be less likely to switch to an open procedure when performing surgery with Da Vinci, compared to when performing laparoscopic surgery
    • With a Da Vinci procedure, you may have a single or only a few small incisions compared to an open procedure
    Questions to ask Dr. Jacqueline Taylor
    • What medical and surgical options are available for me?
    • Which is best for my situation?
    • What are the differences between open, vaginal, laparoscopic, and robotic-assisted surgery?
    • If I am a candidate for hysterectomy, how can I prepare for it?
    • Can you tell me about your training, experience, and patient outcomes with Da Vinci?

    What You Need to Know About Your Appointment

    Please read the below checklist to ensure that our healthcare team at DaVincii can provide you with an exceptional level of care and attention.


    Arrive Early

    If you have not pre-completed our patient packet, then please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your appointment.


    Bring Identification

    Please make sure you bring your personal identification and your health insurance card.


    Bring Medical Records

    If you are being seen for a specific condition please make sure to send all medical information prior to your appointment including other physician records, hospital records or imaging.


    Bring Lab Records

    If you are being seen for a specific condition, please bring copies of any recent laboratory work.

    Would highly recommend Dr. Taylor for minimally invasive surgery. She is so kind and reassuring and truly a skilled physician.

    Mercedes Varasteh


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